Sugamisu Sushi Bar delivers an outstanding sushi experience that is reminiscent of true Japanese cuisine.

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  • Canlı bahis sitesi
    Mindful eating is something I grew up with since my father was a renowned French chef that taught us to appreciate food. Being of French descent I never expected to adore Japanese cuisine this much and since I tasted this glorious sushi bar’s food, I simply cannot get enough and I am always trying new combinations that the chefs lovingly prepare with expert fingers.
    Canlı bahis sitesi
    Alton Kembell
    Perfect harmony in the food combinations at this fine place where I take my family every Saturday for lunch. After I took my wife and kids here just over four months ago for the first time, I never expected it would become something that we look forward to every Saturday. It is simply the best day of our week that all of us look forward to.”
    Jack Nicholson
  • Casino Uzmanı
    Outstanding is not a word I use often, however here at this sushi bar it is a word that has to be included in everything from the friendly service to the outstanding quality and freshness of the food. The sushi ingredients are melt-in- your-mouth delicate with awesome flavours too.
    Casino Uzmanı
    Andrew Jackson
  • Casino Sitesi
    Everything at this fine restaurant works in perfect harmony indeed. From the lovely décor and hardwoods combinations, to the outstanding service and what can I say about the food expect that it was the best ever. It is one place that will certainly see me again and again!
    Casino Sitesi
    Carla Malle
  • Renate Vaster
    We ate at Sugamisu a few weeks ago and had the best service and the absolutely best sushi combinations ever. The best shrimp shumai that comes with a wasabi mayo topping in all of the city. I will definitely be going back there again and next time I will take more friends too!
    Renate Vaster
  • Canlı İddaa
    My events manager booked a corporate lunch with Sugamisu Sushi Bar a month ago and I was worried that the tastes would be too exotic for some of our customers that accompanied us. I have to admit that it has been one of our best experiences during a corporate lunch with the great décor, outstanding service and excellent food choice. It is a place I would recommend to anyone and they will certainly see not only again but I would love to take my family and friends too. My clients loved making their own combinations and the entire afternoon was a great success thanks to this awesome sushi bar.
    Canlı İddaa
    Mal Berke